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FreedomHill Fellowship was founded in 2007 with the guiding principle that all beliefs, practices, and customs are welcome. 
What We Do


FreedomHill Fellowship (FHF)

offers fellowship and spiritual

development for all ages.

Individual exploration is supported

through Awaken the Divine,

involvement within the greater community is the FHF Outreach, and our commitment to environmental protection and awareness is highlighted under Stewards of the Earth programs.


Explore our website to learn more about how you can improve your life and your community. 

                          Homeschool                              Umbrella


The FreedomHill Fellowship Ministry    homeschooling umbrella (FHFMU)        serves to assist families with their        educational needs. FHFMU provides reporting of your child's enrollment to your county's board of education, conducting an annual review, and overseeing your home education.

                                           Awaken the Divine

                                         Awaken the Divine is a                                                program within FreedomHill                                           Fellowship that supports a                  commitment to individual spiritual growth.  Specifically the tenants:

We believe in the free and responsible search for 

personal truth and meaning.


We believe in the inherent worth and dignity 

of every human being.


We believe in providing for our children, as well as for ourselves, a democratically self-governed educational environment within which they are free to explore life in all its complexity.

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