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Homeschool Umbrella

The FreedomHill Fellowship Ministry Umbrella (FHFMU) is our Homeschooling Umbrella. 


Lara Westdorp is our Umbrella Coordinator, please contact her at

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Program Profile


Mission - We believe in providing for our children, as well as for ourselves, a democratically self-governed educational environment within which they are free to explore life in all its complexity.


State Recognized – The FreedomHill Fellowship Ministries Umbrella is a Maryland registered and approved Home School Umbrella since its inception in 2007.  FHF offers umbrella services to home schooling families with children in grades K-12, currently serving approximately 40 children across eight Maryland counties.  FHF complies with all requirements set forth in Title 13A.10.01 of the General Regulations of the Annotated Code of Maryland.


Philosophy and Program – The core of education is understanding that ‘Life is Learning’.  A democratic self-governed educational environment provides FHF families the flexibility to tailor curriculums to each child’s needs and interests.  FHF strongly encourages students and families to utilize life experience and travel to enhance their educational curriculum.  As such our students are exposed to a variety of educational experiences through internships, work programs, college courses, independent study, travel, art and music programs, and more. 


Learning and Graduation – FHF employs a range of systems for evaluating achievement, each designed to compliment the educational program chosen for the child.  The program of Pass (P) is heavily utilized for grades K-8.  Starting in high school a more traditional grading approach is offered which provides for hours of study, credits earned, and letter grading as recognition of educational accomplishment and achievement.  Graduation requires completion of two years of review under FHF and a graduation thesis.


Course Title Designation – In compliance with Maryland law, FHF reviews student achievement in the areas of English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Music, Art, Physical Education, and Health.  Independent study, work, travel, community involvement and activities are all recognized within a given educational subject area.


Successful Learners – FHF proudly supports the goals and dreams of each child.  Throughout our history we have sought to provide a foundation that allows each child to succeed in whatever form that takes from higher education to integration into traditional education programs to the skills to live without physical assistance.  From this foundation of respect and support our students continue to create new definitions of success.


Psychology Today has published several articles on Unschooling and its impact on children, family, and long term education goals.  

A democratic self-governing education format provides for endless variety of educational methods from traditional curriculums to unschooling and everything in between.  FHFMU helps families find what educational method works best for each child and family.  Highlighted below are a few of the lesser known options.


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