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The FreedomHill Fellowship Ministry (FHFM) Homeschooling Umbrella was founded in 2007 with the goal to promote the search for personal truth and meaning, embrace diversity, and provide a supportive community.


The FHFM Homeschool Umbrella takes the place of the County oversight and review for homeschoolers simplifying the review process for umbrella members.  As a member of the FHFM Homeschool Umbrella we will report your child(ren)'s enrollment to your county of residence, as required by the Maryland Home Instruction COMAR 13A.10.01, so you should not have to engage in any communication with your county board of education OTHER THAN your initial notice of homeschooling.  If you are an existing homeschooler, you should have already notified your county of your intent to homeschool when you first started homeschooling your children.    


To enroll as a NEW member of the FHFM Homeschool Umbrella:

 1. Please complete the FHFMU Admissions Form (click HERE) and pay the $200 New Member fee per family. 

 2. You will be contacted by our Homeschool Coordinator to set up an initial meeting.


PAYMENT:   You can pay ONLINE via the Donate button (PayPal & credit cards) above

OR CHECK - written out to FreedomHill Fellowship and sent to PO Box 74, Monrovia, MD 21770 


To enroll as a RETURNING member of the FHFM Homeschool Umbrella:

 1. Please notify Lara Westdorp, our Homeschool Coordinator, that you are returning at

 2. Existing members pay the annual fee of $125 per family to remain enrolled. 



Additional Support provided on an hourly basis for such issues as Curriculum
Development, Portfolio Planning, Annual Review Summary, Plans to transition to
other learning environments, Letters to Colleges, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact Lara Westdorp, our Homeschool Umbrella Coordinator, at or 240-457-9694.

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