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Stewards of the Earth



We believe the planet we call home is a vast and

complex ecosystem built on the interdependence of

all life living in harmony and balance.   We believe that it is the responsibility of all people to protect and care for the Earth as a Spiritual entity or as created by God.  We assert that humanity, as stewards of the Earth, are in service to all creation.


Caring for our World
We acknowledge that the Earth is a big, blue, beautiful ecosystem dependent on the health and well-being of each micro-ecosystem.  We believe that all life is dependent on the health and vitality of this ecosystem and all the smaller eco-communities that serve as its foundation. As one of millions of species, humans have the unique ability to grasp the larger picture of how to bring harmony and balance to this ecosystem.


NO GMOs - We believe that there is a fundamental right to exist without ingesting genetically modified substances - that the Earth is as it should be - either as a spiritual entity or as created by God.  We believe that because the United States government and food producers are denying people information regarding the contents of commercial products, we are being denied the right to identify which materials are "GMO".  We assert that this denies us the ability to follow our fundamental religious beliefs and eat food that was grown as nature intended.

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