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How can you help?
Start with you.  Choose to create a smaller footprint on the planet by recycling, reuse materials, buy organic - local - free-range, support  fair trade, and shift to renewable resources and energy.
Start in your own backyard.    Choose to buy non-toxic cleaners and yard care products, compost, grow your own herbs, native plants that support bees, birds, bats and bugs, provide safe housing for bats and birds, and work with the land and its needs instead of focusing on what you need from the land.
Educate yourself.  It is but a Google search away to start learning about the impacts of chemicals, genetically modified organisms (GMO), climate change, declining ecosystems, importance of wetlands, marshes, and steams, threats to fresh water and aquifers, and interdependence of life.  Knowledge is power - the power to choose to think for yourself and determine your own course of action.

Next Steps?
Support organizations that work to preserve and protect the planet and its various ecosystems by donating your time, or money, or other resources.  Each community has local organizations focused on preserving local areas and systems.  A good place to start is your local Sierra Club, 4-H extension office, and county land preservation office. 
    National and global organizations include:                                                                          
    League of Conservation Voters ( 
     World Wildlife Federation (  
VOTE for candidates that are committed to helping the planet and ecosystems.  Choose candidates that look for options to reduce the human footprint and impact on the planet by supporting alternative energy sources, protecting wild spaces, protecting  endangered species and ecosystems, and reducing the toxins we, as a nation, put in our food, air, water, and soil.

Support alternative energy, packaging, and purchasing options.  Start with your local community - farmers markets, CSAs, and cooperative (co-ops) markets.  And look for solar options and the use of rain barrels, gray water, and composting options for your home.


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